Sunday, April 3, 2011

World Record

It was the perfect day to set a world record. The sun was not shining, it was not not raining, and it was not warm at all, however thousands of people came out to be a part of this record. A record that is far superior than any other recorded record in the history of recorded records. The record of the longest held ribbon!

You see, here when a mall opens up it is a huge deal. Fireworks, festivals, parades, music, mayors, and unicorns all are apart of the opening of this building. The reason for this ribbon, obviously, is to be cut in front of the mall by the mayor. And yes the Amis (americans) were apart of this historical event.The ribbon was 6.5 km long which i believe is 4 miles! It stretched all throughout the city. So we stood in the rain holding this ribbon for a little over an hour. Was it worth it, absolutely.

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  1. Hi Justicehead! Just wanted to see your photos. Hey, will Javan and Jeffrey be able to visit you and stay at your house?