Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to become a unicorn

Three athletes ( Paul Nishizaki, Aaron Bohme, and I) set out to continue a life long dream of continuing such a familiar lifestyle, a familiar passion, a familiar past such an unfamiliar place. With the combination of uneducated german minds we have joined forces to take on this challenge of competition, confusion, lack of communication, and european women. It all starts with Duner Kebabs.

When introduced to this Duner Kebab Paul Nishizaki and I instantly lit up with joy and satisfaction as every inch of this unfamiliar food reached the very depths of our hunger problem. Aaron on the other hand, gave his up due to his unique pickiness in food (although I did pick out most of the vegetables inside). This so called Duner which is filled with the finest tasting meat as well as other additions will soon become longed for everyday. Fortunetely, this delectable treat is just a few blocks from the AMI (american) house.

This house which is made up of "smoke" (german football player), Jivi ( serbian basketall player), and Bruhno (American/Italian football player) is conveniently located on the top of a hill which is very easy to walk up everyday.  A house given to us to accomodate us during our stay here in Schwabisch Hall. We are very grateful of this gift.

Now, rooms were already chosen before I arrived, but the top floor room has been passed down through many years of wofford tradition. I live in the room that former wofford/unicorn players lived in before me. Kyle Horne and Nick Robinson. Too bad they aren't here now. As I lie awake at night attempting to fix this jet lag problem I encounter a noise in the ceiling. It looks like I wont rooming alone while I am here. Although I am not yet sure what it is, it has recieved the name Beluchie and comes out to play through the wee hours of the night.

You may be wondering about the life of a Unicorn and what our days consist of. First off, this is no life for just anyone. Long days of epic Cribbage battles, intense indoor soccer matches as well as a workout at the ria (Gym), a rub down from an attractive german therapist on my hamstring (this will soon become a daily thing), and exhausting walks around a beautiful fairytale like city as well a free lunch around town, and oh yea indoor/outdoor pool with slides and diving boards. Rough life I know.

 Lets not forget about the initiations we have every Wednesday and Friday to test our progress in becoming a Unicorn. The real tests will soon start on Saturdays or Sundays.

The walk to the city

View from lunch including sounds of live music from the bridge.